10 Fun Things To Do In Lewistown, MT

If Central Montana is the Heart of the Big Sky, then Lewistown would be one of its mainheartbeats. Geographically considered to be the center of the entire state, Lewistown is a placeof grit and charm and beauty all its own. If you are coming into town via Highway 87 from Great Falls, you will catch the full scope ofLewistown’s hidden nature. Dropping down Mainstreet hill, you get a full purview of the majordowntown with the … Read more

Family, Friends and the Holiday Season in Central Montana

It’s wintertime and the holiday season is in full swing in Central Montana!  If you’re in the region visiting friends and family and looking for a fun way to get out of the house, then you might consider some of the following ideas for enjoying our charming small towns on a winter day. Breweries Visit to one of our 8 breweries!  A local brew is a great way to catch up on old memories while … Read more

Wintertime in Central Montana!

If you are a wintertime outdoor enthusiast, then Central Montana should be next on your list for a cold weather getaway.  Whatever gets you excited about gearing up to stay warm, the following is a list of winter activities you can find in Central Montana. Known for ski areas with a local vibe and small crowds, be sure to visit one of the three ski areas, Showdown, Bear Paw Ski Bowl, or Teton Pass Ski … Read more

Autumn in Central Montana

  I’ve always felt it is hard to put into words how special Autumn in Central Montana can feel.  Ther air becomes light and crisp, the sky holds a new shade of blue and everything inside of you is compelled to get outside and soak it all in.  It’s an experience that almost makes you light headed and giddy. Speaking of getting outside, the other part about Autumn in Central Montana is all of the … Read more

10 Must-Do Experiences in Central Montana

Escape the mundane and travel south of the border for award-winning microbreweries, tiki bars with mermaids, live music in the mountains, and shopping in Central Montana! Just south of Canada and hidden in the mountains is the stunning region of Central Montana – an area that though comprised of small Montana towns still promises a whole lot of escape-worthy fun…if you know where to look, that is. From concerts at The Newberry to covert underground … Read more

Small Town Charm. Big Time Fun

If you’re looking for a place to expand your horizons, literally and figuratively, then Central Montana needs to be at the top of your vacation plans. Known as one of the six destination regions in the State of Montana, Central Montana is unique in that we have a major airport in our largest community, Great Falls. But we also have multiple rural towns within our 13 counties, creating a truly unique visitation experience.What is so … Read more

Feel Light Years Away in Central Montana

Silence the noise, escape the hurry, and feel light years away in the dark skies of Central Montana – where every setting sun takes you back to a nighttime of wonder. Surrounded by millions of acres of public land and void of light pollution (read: no city lights), Central Montana promises some of the darkest skies and brightest stars in the lower 48. Though known for its epic daytime adventures, Montana “after dark” is a … Read more

Bound for the Belts

The open road ahead had me filled with a mixture of nostalgia and excitement.  Having grown up in Montana, it had been years since I had driven Highway 89 from Belt to White Sulphur Springs.  As the new Executive Director for Central Montana Tourism, I had recently moved back to this amazing state after living on the east coast for the last 15 years.  While it felt like just yesterday since I had made my … Read more

Montana & Dinosaurs – 150 years in the making

Montana is synonymous with dinosaurs.  Why is Montana such a hotbed for dinosaur fossils. ? Answer, it is atop the Hell Creek Formation, a 300-foot-thick bed of sandstone and mudstone that dates to a period between 66 million and 67.5 million years ago, the time just before dinosaurs went extinct. Stretching across the Dakotas and Montana (in Wyoming, it’s known as Lance), the formation—one of the richest fossil locations in the world—is the remnant of … Read more

Drink It In Montana – Beer & Spirits Tour

drink • it • in figure of speech, to pause and experience something with great enjoyment Drink It In Montana aims to tell the story of the Montana craft beverage industry while introducing Montana locals and visitors to our communities. Montana grows some of the best grain in the country, with international labels like Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors sourcing grain from Montana. Our craft beverage industry is set apart with access to the same high-quality grains. … Read more