Autumn in Central Montana


Fall in Central Montana

I’ve always felt it is hard to put into words how special Autumn in Central Montana can feel.  Ther air becomes light and crisp, the sky holds a new shade of blue and everything inside of you is compelled to get outside and soak it all in.  It’s an experience that almost makes you light headed and giddy.

Speaking of getting outside, the other part about Autumn in Central Montana is all of the great outdoor activities there are to do.  From hiking in the mountains to attending a local outdoor concert at a fall festival, the options are numerous.


Personally, I could spend the entire season either on a golf course or out riding my horses, but in the end any option is good such as camping and fishing by one of our many lakes and reservoirs, taking a lazy stroll while shopping in one of our rural downtown areas, sitting outside at a favorite brewery sipping a local brew, or taking a peaceful drive on one of our scenic byways.  

If wildlife is your thing, then make sure you time your trip to see the elk herds at the Slippery Ann Wildlife Viewing Area.  With herd sizes reaching into the hundreds, it is a one of a kind to experience to see such an amazing species of wildlife in person. 

As the leaves begin to change, I find the aspen trees fading to their vibrant yellow colors to be particularly mesmerizing.  When the afternoon sun hits them, it lulls you into a calm state of mind in almost a nature therapy type of way.  These are truly the days to stop and be in the moment and reflect on how lucky you are to be in Central Montana during it’s Autumn season.

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