Feel Light Years Away in Central Montana

Silence the noise, escape the hurry, and feel light years away in the dark skies of Central Montana – where every setting sun takes you back to a nighttime of wonder. Surrounded by millions of acres of public land and void of light pollution (read: no city lights), Central Montana promises some of the darkest skies and brightest stars in the lower 48. Though known for its epic daytime adventures, Montana “after dark” is a 360-degree view of our galaxy that will leave you in captivated awe. And, in Central Montana, it’s all right outside your doorstep.

StargazingEach year, night sky enthusiasts and landscape photographers from around the world travel to Central Montana for its spectacular views of the cosmos. And, yet it’s not just their knowledge of the night sky that draws them in, but the sheer magnitude of the universe that’s on display each and every night. Whether you’re at a campground, staying in town, or out in the wilderness, a captivating view of the moon, stars, constellations, planets, and even meteors are never farther than a short drive away.
Stargazing 101: Watch the weather forecast and choose a night with clear skies, a location with low light pollution, and a vantage point that is free from trees and buildings. Then kick back and unleash the power of the night sky!

Explore the best stargazing locations in Central Montana.

Milky Way
Stars and planets are only the beginning of what you’ll find in the dark skies of Central Montana. During the clearest of nights, reach into the depths of our galaxy and immerse yourself in the swirling bands that make up our home galaxy. Only visible by 20% of the population from their backyard, seeing the Milky Way is one of those out-of-this-world experiences that only the darkest skies in the country can offer. Lucky for us, Montana is full of dark nights!




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Northern Lights
When you travel as far North as Central Montana, rare phenomenons simply become nighttime adventures. Though not an everyday occurrence, with a lot of planning and a little luck, the magnificent green lights of the Aurora Borealis can be seen dancing across the night sky at many Central Montana locations. When planning your trip, look to visit Central Montana in the winter or early spring – when nights are darker and a new moon is on the horizon.

Plan around this year’s astronomical events.

No parking lot, no light, no noise, no commute – experience nighttime like it was meant to be. Visit centralmontana.com and start planning your stargazing trip today.

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