Rocky Mountain Front

Where the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains meet the plains. The Rocky Mountain Front is significant because of its exceptional habitat for birds and animals, recreation and scenic values. About 100 miles of the front are notable in Montana.



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Drives & Day Trips Along the Rocky Mountain Front

Dinosaurs Were on the Rocky Mountain Front

Two museums along the Rocky Mountain Front allow a glimpse into the prehistoric life in this area.

Central Montana Old Trail Museum, Choteau Old Trail Museum, Choteau

View a Maiasaura or learn about the geologic wonders of the Rocky Mountain Front.

Central Montana Montana Dinosaur Center, Bynum Montana Dinosaur Center, Bynum

You can see local discoveries and learn through hands-on dinosaur dig programs throughout the summer.


The Rocky Mountain Front is a great area to take in the dark night skies. Visit these locations on a clear night to view the stars, constellations and Milky Way without the light pollution of the towns.

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Wilderness Areas of the Rocky Mountain Front