Small Town Charm. Big Time Fun

If you’re looking for a place to expand your horizons, literally and figuratively, then Central Montana needs to be at the top of your vacation plans. Known as one of the six destination regions in the State of Montana, Central Montana is unique in that we have a major airport in our largest community, Great Falls. But we also have multiple rural towns within our 13 counties, creating a truly unique visitation experience.

What is so great about Central Montana’s rural demeanor is that it offers many great activities in between each community. Not to mention the scenic drives are pretty spectacular as well. We are literally where the prairies meet the mountains. Whether it’s the Missouri River Breaks, the Rocky Mountain Front, stargazing opportunities, or any one of our numerous state parks, Central Montana scenery is sure to keep you engaged during your drive time.

And when you get to your next stop, the fun gets to start all over again. After you’ve checked into a local hotel that has a local feel, take a stroll or a drive around any of our unique little towns and you will find a wide array of food, museums, boutique shops, breweries and yes, even a possible local dive bar. As the director of tourism for Central Montana, I personally love stopping in somewhere local every time I get a chance, as there usually tends to be a fun conversation found as well. Small town residents love to share as much as they can about their communities, and you can hear the pride in the stories they have to tell.





Central Montana is also steeped in history. Whether it’s learning about the ever changing geology, visiting 6 of the state’s 14 Dinosaur Trail locations, exploring our extensive Native American history, visiting some of the most famed sections on the Lewis and Clark Trail, or gaining a glimpse into how the western cowboy played a role in the agricultural development of Central Montana, our history is as deep as the land is wide.

Given all that there is to do, I highly encourage you to visit our website and learn more about the region as a whole. From their, download or order a copy of our Travel Planner, and start planning your next great getaway adventure!

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