Agritourism in Central Montana

As you drive through Central Montana, you will be met with the sight of large farming and ranching operations and may find yourself wondering what kind of agricultural production is happening in this beautiful region.

In Montana, agriculture and tourism are consistently ranked in the state's top industries. In fact, according to the USDA Montana ranks second in the nation for acres of land in farms and ranches with 58.1 million acres. Learn about several producers of Central Montana, some you may have heard of but some you may not have. Agritourism beautifully combines the Montana way of life with an authentic Montana experience for visitors. In Central Montana specifically, rural activities, agricultural producers, and value-added products come together to create an unforgettable experience as you travel across the state.

Agritourism is growing in popularity throughout Montana as locals and visitors alike have an increased interest in the origin of their food. If given the chance, you'll find there is something incredibly satisfying about being able to visit the farm where the food is grown. And in Central Montana, it is not uncommon to find grain, meat, produce and products made right here in the region! As you travel through Central Montana, embrace agriculture and indulge in some of the locally crafted spirits and beers made with grain grown right here; stop by a local steakhouse to enjoy Montana grown beef; purchase a local honey after visiting the hives; and uncover the captivating stories woven through our rural landscapes.

Agriculture in Action

Ranchers and farmers, day in and day out, work the land and tend to the livestock in ways most people don’t think about. As you travel through the region, take time to slow down and note the farmer out in the field plowing as you drive by. When the herds of cattle, sheep, or goats cause pause on your route as they’re moved to another pasture, enjoy the sounds and frolicking animals.

Central Montana Fairs

Rural agricultural communities love to gather at the local fairs. As the kids learn responsibility with caring for and showing animals, families congregate to show their support of 4-H and FFA members. You can browse local crops and products on display as well as take in some great entertainment. It’s often the biggest event of the year for some communities so you won’t want to miss these fairs.

Great Northern State Fair Logo

Havre, MT
July 17-21, 2024


Marias Fair Logo

Shelby, MT
July 17-21, 2024


Central Montana Fair Logo

Lewistown, MT
July 17-27, 2024


Montana State Fair Logo

Great Falls, MT
July 26-August 3, 2024


Blaine County Fair Logo

Chinook, MT
August 8-11, 2024


Chouteau County Fair Logo

Fort Benton, MT
August 15-18, 2024


Fun Facts

Central Montana Barley

Montana’s ‘Golden Triangle’

This area consistently yields some of the best wheat and barley in Montana, if not the nation. The triangle roughly includes the points at Havre, Conrad and Great Falls.

Grain Elevators in Central Montana

Grain Elevators

These steel or concrete buildings dot the landscape in the rich farmlands of Central Montana. Used to store large quantities of grains for future use or transporting at a later time.

Central Montana Big Bud 747

Big Bud 747

World’s Largest Tractor, built in 1977 in Shelby, Montana. Unprecedented power to work large amounts of land.

Activities, Events and Tours

Dude Ranch Vacations

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Drink It In Montana Beer & Spirits Tour

There’s no better place to learn about a community than chatting it up with the locals at a watering hole. But to go one step further, there’s no better way to experience the agriculture in an area than to visit one of the craft beverage makers that are using local crops and community members to produce the fine libations they serve.

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