practice physical distancing

Indoors or outdoors, be prepared to encounter others with different social distancing comfort levels. If you can, give other people as much space as possible. On trails, move over to let stock (horses and mules) pass, yield to other hikers and be respectful of other users. If you know you'll be in an area with other people, have a mask at the ready. Keep your group small and if you are sick (have a cough, cold, fever, etc.) or have been in contact with individuals who have been sick, stay home and plan to visit when you're well.

Many of our visitors to Central Montana come for our wide-open spaces, less crowded areas and, quite frankly, not so many people. It certainly makes it easier to physical distance. We encourage you to get out and explore the lesser traveled areas. Some suggestions include visiting a ghost town or just sampling our outdoor experiences.

If you like scenic drives, be sure to read about the little town of Joplin and a fun drive into the Sweet Grass Hills, accessed from US Hwy 2. It’s pretty easy to physically distance here!