leave no trace

Pack your garbage out with you and clean up properly. When recreating on public lands, be sure to take care of them by staying on trails. If you plan to camp while you're here, be sure to do so in an existing campsite or pick a site where vegetation is absent. It's important to respect public lands and waters, as well as Native and local communities.

We’re proud of the area we call Central Montana and hope you’ll treat our landscapes as you would your own home. If you are camping it’s pretty simple, leave no trace. And, make sure campfires are completely out before your leave the area. For hikers, don’t blaze your own trail, stay on designated trails so nearby vegetation can grow as it’s supposed to. Keep areas pristine for future generations. Looking for a fun camping location? Read about a family camping experience in the Little Belt Mountains at a forest service campground.

Central Montana is known for our fisheries producing trout, walleye and many other types of fish. We work diligently to protect this resource and have an active effort to stop aquatic invasive species. You’ll see boat inspection stations as you travel the region but also remember to clean your waders, boots and gear. We call them “aquatic hitchhikers” and they can easily damage the resource fishermen and boaters love. Keep our waters pristine and you’ll be able to enjoy them on future visits.

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