plan ahead

Check our local regulations for the latest safety measures. Facilities might be closed, so consider packing a lunch and bring essentials like extra water, food/snacks, bug spray and a first aid kit. In Montana, both weather and terrain can change quickly. We recommend packing clothing layers to add or remove as weather changes.

As you visit communities in Central Montana plan ahead for your lodging, fuel and dining. Smaller unique lodging is what we like but those rooms can be filled. Maybe you’d like to stay in a real homestead cabin. Enjoy a glance at some of Central Montana’s unique lodging opportunities...

...or learn about historic lodging on our blog. Our larger communities have easy-stop 24-hour gas stations but smaller towns might not. Be sure to check hours of operation at cafes and restaurants so if you arrive late, you’ll still be able to enjoy the local cuisine.

If you’d like to take a bit of Montana home with you, we have a variety of local makers. You’ll see several in our Local Makers video.