Unique Gift Idea – Handcrafted Silver Items

If you are walking in downtown Lewistown, about a half block south of Main Street, you just may see a colorful sign for Caye Fine Art.

Well, prepare to be impressed if you take some time to step in the door!

Carol Woolsey, known as Caye, has been a metal smith artist for over 30 years.

Probably her most unique handcrafted silver item is a silver flask – not just an ordinary flask but a decorated or embellished flask. Some have relief silver designs and some have gem stones including the locally mined Yogo Sapphire. Absolutely gorgeous!

Handcrafted silver jewelry is also displayed beautifully in Caye’s small retail shop. I saw lots of attention to detail and some jewelry that could easily live in my jewelry box!

The retail store also features paintings for sale by Central Montana artists.

Caye Fine Art is located at 111 4th Ave So in Lewistown, Montana and her phone is 406-366-8132.

Here’s a close up of one of Caye’s silver flasks.

This just might be a perfect fit for someone on your shopping list!

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