Scarecrow Photos – Almost Final!

I couldn’t let this photo go unpublished.

The folks who staff the West Yellowstone Visitor Information Center take a trip each year to learn about an area of Montana that they aren’t familiar with. This year central Montana was their destination.

When they realized there was a Scarecrow Festival in Stanford scheduled for the weekend of their trip they began to think about doing an entry. And, how they  would transport it from West Yellowstone to Stanford.

The end result was a spoof on a visitor information center titled “Miss Information” and they had mileage markers from West Yellowstone to several locations in Russell Country. They were a fun and enthusiastic group – eager to learn about central Montana so ultimately they could answer questions from the 125,000 people who come to their visitor center each year.

Thank you West Yellowstone Visitor Center staff! You are welcome to visit and tour Russell Country any time!

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