Our Next Stop is Arrowhead Meadows

After our wonderful lunch at Cornerstone Deli in White Sulphur Springs we drove just a few blocks to Arrowhead Meadows Golf Course. I’ve driven by this course before but never stopped.

As we drove up my first impression was – now that’s the way to get your message to the traveling public – a HUGE sign that said quite simply “GOLF”.

Our weather had changed a bit and I was chilly from a fairly strong breeze. Fortunately I had brought a warmer jacket and I decided I’d wear that. Maybe not the best golf-style jacket but I started out warm.

Bill Dodson is the local golf pro at Arrowhead Meadows and he and his wife Chris met us at the clubhouse. We chatted about the course and Bill had prepared some great printed information for us about Arrowhead Meadows.

Arrowhead Meadows is a 9-hole course that was built in 1989 so it would be considered fairly new.

Bill has worked with White Sulphur Springs’ youth golf program and told us that this last year they had 50 young golfers out. Pretty impressive for a community of less than a thousand people. And, good news for a local golf course!

This photo is a great shot showing the view from the course looking east. The mountains in the background are the Castle Mountains. To the west is the Big Belt Mountain range.

A little more tourist information here – in the town of White Sulphur Springs you can visit the Castle Museum and Carriage House. This stone mansion with castle-like turrets was the home of Byron Roger Sherman. The granite to build the Castle Museum all came from the nearby Castle Mountains. The museum is open from May 15 – September 15.

Back to our golfing – it got chilly at Arrowhead Meadows Golf Course and I was glad I had a warm jacket on. The wind seemed to pick up more as we progressed through 9 holes of golf. My golf buddy here didn’t get cold very often but he was in shorts and a short sleeved shirt and I think he was wishing he had packed a jacket too. Note to self – be prepared for changing weather in central Montana!

Once again, as I look back at our golfing photos I think it is always a great day of golf when there are no crowds and stellar views. That’s a great tagline for Arrowhead Meadows Golf Course in White Sulphur Springs!

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