More Brews in Central Montana

The other day I had an interesting tour of The Front Brewing Company. They are located in what is called The Front Public House, adjacent to Faster Basset (great coffee, crepes and more).

It was chilly outside – about 15 degrees above zero. As I walked in to The Front I felt the warmth and saw the glow of a huge double-sided fireplace. Ooh la la, that’s where I’d like to be sitting right now!

I could see the large shiny silver brewing vats through glass from the lounge area. Their overhead lights were blue – casting a very pretty glow on these glimmering vats.

The Front has a 10-barrel system for brewing. I was there a few months ago when the plumbers were working on the piping system. Wow, that’s a plumber’s dream job!

The name of the business came from a local icon – the Rocky Mountain Front locally referred to as just that – “The Front”.

The nearby Rocky Mountain Front is a recreation mecca with hiking, camping, horseback riding and, in the winter, skiing. Names of the different brews follow suit – Pack Mule Porter, Day Hike, Headquarters Pale Ale and Middle Fork Ale to name a few.

When possible, Montana ingredients are used in The Front’s brewing process. It helps to have a malt plant located on the north edge of Great Falls, MT and to be surrounded by acres of malting barley!

I learned a lot during my tour of The Front. The owner showed me what hops look like, how the brewing product is tested, and how their finished product is stored in the cooler.

In addition to serving their craft beers, The Front has a full liquor license for those who prefer a spirit over a brew.

The Front is located across from MT Expo Park, in the same area as Great Falls’ Staybridge Suites. A great addition to Great Falls!

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