Mecca for Antique Collectors

Today I was driving on US Hwy 87 between Great Falls and Havre to visit family. I’ve driven this road so many times I almost have it memorized. Last fall there was a change though – in Big Sandy, MT.

The highway goes right through this town of nearly 1,000 people and you slow down to about 30 mph. Across from the rest area and city park there was a new business sign. I’ve been planning on stopping in for several months and today I finally made it.

The sign you see says “Antiques” and the store is named Miscellanea and you really can’t miss it. From the outside it doesn’t look that big but when you get inside there is quite a bit of space. And…let’s talk antiques! You could stand in one place and just look in one direction for several minutes taking in all of the treasures.

The owner was busy and I took a fun photo of her making an adjustment to a window fan. The background on this photo has old time horse collars.

I found lots of jewelry, furniture, glassware, glass bottles and ranch items like the horse collars. Many of the more unique items had tags identifying what they are and I appreciated that because I don’t know a lot about antiques.

This was a fun and interesting stop – to think I had driven right by this store so many times and I had never stopped!

Another plus – the antique store is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Usually the only time I’m driving this way is on the weekend so it will be convenient for me to make many more stops.

Next time you are heading to or through Big Sandy allow some time to browse around this interesting store.


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