It’s Called Art In Action

The Russell Museum’s Art In Action event is, in my opinion, one of the most fun events during Great Falls’ western art week. That could be because it is casual or it could be the chance to interact with the artists.

This year there were 22 artists participating in Art In Action held at the Meadowlark Country Club in Great Falls. The floor is covered with plastic to avoid any paint spills and artists and their easels are dispersed throughout the entire main floor of the building. Most have their artwork started when they arrive and then they just need to finish the piece. And…they also explain it over and over again to the curious onlookers as they wander through the event.

One sculptor, Jerry McKellar from Washington state, even allowed a curious little girl to participate in his art. At first I assumed this little gal was a granddaughter or friend but not so. She did have a parent there who was also participating in the event but she latched on to Jerry and was excited to be able to sculpt. I’d say she just may be a future artist!

Steve Oiestad was working on a beautiful piece of art made with chalk. The subject was horses and it was titled “Bored”. I can just visualize these horses standing in a pasture wondering what to do next. Steve lives near Great Falls and his favorite subjects to draw and paint are cowboys and landscapes.

While the artists are finishing their works during this event, onlookers nosh food and beverages, enjoy live country music and stroll around the easels. There is lots of visiting and the room is loud! The event is capped off with a live auction of all of the artwork created.

Artists donate 100% of the proceeds to the C. M. Russell Museum and this year they raised over $100,000 for this worthy cause.


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