I Can Hear Elk Bugling

The elk are NOT bugling in the outdoors right now but I’ve been at the International Sportsmen’s Expo in Phoenix, AZ and it seems like there are elk bugling in the stadium exhibit hall.

Today I attended Belt, Montana guide and TV show host (Shoot Straight TV) Chad Shearer’s presentation on elk hunting. It really applied to all big game hunting. Chad’s tips were: hunt harder, hunt smarter, adapt to the conditions, be aware of the wind, get the next generation hunting and always practice the ultimate safety when hunting. Seems like common sense but it’s good to hear it from this pro.

Chad is a world champion elk bugler. When I first walked in to the presentation I wondered why he was eating so close to the time that he would be speaking. Then I realized he had a reed call in his mouth in preparation for his talk.

Chad, his wife Marsha and their two boys (ages 8 and 9) all hunt. The boys aren’t old enough to hunt elk (or anything) in Montana yet but by time they reach age 12 they will be miles ahead of their buddies. One took an elk in New Mexico this past winter and both of them can work elk calls like a pro.

Chad really likes to hunt with a muzzleloader. He didn’t show any footage today of elk hunting by muzzleloader but we did see an elk harvested by Chad with a bow and arrow. His two boys had both done the calling when he was archery hunting, one producing the sound of the male elk, one the cow elk.

The presentation also included waterfowl calls and, just for fun, Chad mimicked a police car siren on one of the calls.

A couple more big game hunting tips I learned – wear good boots and clothes appropriate for conditions, make sure they fit properly, and be patient.

The presentation was interesting and Chad answered several questions from the audience before he had to vacate the stage for the next presentation.

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