Hundreds of Nativities on Display

The Columbus Center, 1601 2nd Avenue North in Great Falls, has a huge display of nativity sets displayed on the first floor. If you enter from the main door you come in to the building lobby, then turn right and go down the hall…it’s one of those “you can’t miss it when you get there” displays.

Some people would remember this building as a former hospital. It now houses a variety of offices. The nativity sets are in the entryway to office space for American National Insurance owned by Carol Olthoff and her husband.

Carol and I see each other every now and then when we are working out at the Curves location in the lower level of the building. There’s been quite a buzz about the nativity sets at Curves and after my tour of them I hope everyone can take some time during this busy season and look at the displays.

There are over 400 nativities displayed – all sizes, colors, types of material – and they all depict the nativity scene. I really liked this wooden set. Although it is difficult to see in the small photo, there are a lot of details carved in to the figures.

When I first entered I started taking photos. I continued taking photos as I worked my way down the entryway and could have spent a lot more time there.

This blue nativity is actually a painted scene on an oval container. Very pretty.

Carol has put up all of these nativity scenes for others to enjoy. There is no charge to view them.

I can’t imagine how much time it would take to set this display up, or to take it down and carefully organize and store all of the figurines.

Carol said she uses floral boxes for storage and keeps them in her garage. Although, she’s hoping to find a corner of the insurance office to store them after taking the display down this year.

The largest nativity is about 4 feet high, taller than my granddaughter. The smallest is so tiny I would be afraid to hold it!

It’s easy to overlook some of the very small scenes if you don’t take your time in viewing them.

This display of nativities is truly a delight. You can see it Monday through Friday (7am – 7:30pm) and Saturday (7am – 5pm).

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