Great Falls Wood Sculptor Tom Dean

Tom Dean, whose business is called Milo Creek Carvings, is a completely self-taught wood carver/sculptor residing in Great Falls, MT. I had a chance to visit with him at the C. M. Russell Museum during the recent sale and auction to benefit the museum.

He uses exotic woods – I wouldn’t have even tried to guess what kind of tree they came from! When I think of his carvings I think mostly of fish, think “trout”. He has branched in to many more styles and art forms though.

I had never seen his wooden bracelets until I saw them displayed at the C. M. Russell Museum and he was giving a demonstration there on how he creates them. Amazing!

Tom has been recognized by the Montana Arts Council for his excellence in craftmanship and art, and I bet that is just the beginning of many awards he will receive.

The best thing I can say about Tom Dean is that he followed his dream – quit his day job, tried something he thought he’d like to do and has now become very successful.

Good advice.

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