Glamping North of Havre

Glamping – glamorous camping – is a great way to sample outdoor life with just a few more amenities.


Jacob and Sarah Dusek operate Sage Safaris about 25 miles north of Havre, MT. They have two wall tents that include real beds with complete linens, a sitting area with chairs and a coffee table, dresser and a wood burning stove. This is not your standard camp tent!


There is also a nearby building that houses a kitchen and two fully plumbed bathrooms/shower facilities. Solar power, combined with propane, allows them to be completely off the electrical grid.

The weekend I visited Sage Safaris my first thought was how green the area was. Wheat fields are most prominent here and it was looking like a bumper crop for many. The prairie looked beautiful and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of cactus in bloom.

Sage Safaris offers upland game bird hunting in the fall and make-your-own adventure year round. I could picture myself in the wall tents with tent flaps open, reading a book and occasionally gazing out at the vast rolling plain. As you can see in the wall tent photo, the skies offered dramatic and interesting cloud gazing.

As I drove back to Havre I stopped several times to take scenic photos. The Bear Paw Mountains formed a perfect backdrop and the rolling clouds were mesmerizing. I saw several raptors and a good variety of songbirds. All within a few minutes of town!

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