Galerie Trinitas Open House

This is the eleventh time local museums and interpretive centers in Great Falls have organized a “Sunday Sampler” for the public. Admission fees to participating attractions are waived and activities are coordinated with emphasis on children. The goal is to make locals more aware of what the community has to offer.

One of the museums I visited today was Galerie Trinitas located right next to Trinitas Chapel on the University of Great Falls campus. For those not familiar with Galerie Trinitas, directions were left on a voice message – turn south from Tenth Avenue South on 20th Street, drive three blocks then turn left on Alumni Way. You’ll see the chapel as you enter the parking area.

As you walk down the corridor to Galerie Trinitas you’ll pass by stained glass and metal panels, also a wood and metal mural. I tried to photograph these because the reflecting sunlight was absolutely stunning. It didn’t work well so you’ll just have to see for yourself!

Some history about Galerie Trinitas – it opened in 1994 with the mission of preserving the art of Sister Trinitas Morin and also to promote an appreciation for religious art. Sister Mary Trinitas Morin was a Sister of Providence, and she studied art at the University of Washington, St. Catherine College in Minnesota, the Chicago Art Institute and Catholic University in Washington DC.

She was definitely a multi media artist and the first time I ever visited the Galerie I couldn’t believe one person could have so much talent. Exhibits include oil paintings, watercolors, weaving, ceramics, fabric art, mixed media, woodcarvings, enameled works, graphic arts and silk screening. Whew!

Sister Trinitas was an art professor for almost 33 years and she also taught French. She died in 1965 and today she is remembered for her progressive teaching and art techniques. She had the first kiln and art Telecom courses in a Montana art department.

Galerie Trinitas is open regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Noon to 3pm.

The Galerie is small and I appreciate that. Sometimes in large art galleries I am overwhelmed. At Galerie Trinitas you gain a keen appreciation for the art displayed and I feel a sense of calm when I’m there.

I had plans to visit another museum so I didn’t stay to watch a DVD about Sister Mary Trinitas. I hope to take some time to watch that during my next visit and I’d also like to wander around campus to see the other art pieces displayed.


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