Exploring Winifred and Hilger

When I was in Winifred for a meeting recently we took some time to walk around the town.

The Winifred Cafe always seems busy, plus there are two taverns, then there is the Winifred Grocery. The grocery building has a super-tall tin ceiling and neat old architecture, besides groceries and tourist information. And it was busy with harvesters, locals buying groceries, river floaters stocking up on supplies, and us.

It also happened to be a day when harvesting equipment was moving through town, right down the main street.

Winifred, located in Montana’s Fergus County,¬†was founded in 1913 when the Milwaukee Road came through this area.


We also passed through the little town of Hilger, straight south of Winifred about 30 miles.

There is a grain elevator at the junction of two highways passing through town and the coolest-looking neon sign on the Rainbow Bar. You can see the Judith Mountains in the background of this photo.

Hilger, same as Winifred, sprung up when the Milwaukee Road came through.

We had a fun time looking around Winifred and Hilger!

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