Enjoying the Serenity of Lewistown’s Labyrinth

I was in Lewistown, Montana a couple of weeks ago. My day had been one of those where just about every hour I had to be somewhere and I was feeling like I was glued to the clock and hadn’t completed anything.

When my last scheduled meeting was over I knew I had 100 miles to go to get home. Still, I decided I could use a de-stress session and I took some time to enjoy the Lewistown Community Labyrinth.

I’m always amazed when I mention Lewistown’s labyrinth and people say they don’t know about it.

The labyrinth is located in Frank Day Park and was constructed in 1996. If you are driving east on Main Street, turn right on 5th and you’ll drive right to the park. The community swimming pool is also there.

When I arrived at the labyrinth the other day there were four other people walking it.

I got my camera out and took a few photos of the ornate benches and the statue in the labyrinth.

Lewistown had experienced a cold snap not too long after Labor Day and a few of the flowers were nipped. Most survived though and the labyrinth still looked very pretty.

Steve Lillegard, artist from Stanford, Montana, sculpted the statue that stands in the labyrinth. The statue depicts a young girl watering flowers and is a beautiful addition to the labyrinth. A few years ago when I was visiting with Steve he told me he used his daughter as a model for that statue.

After taking photos I started to walk the labyrinth. I debated about doing a slow moving video and then I decided I had stopped there to de-stress and I just walked and enjoyed the serenity of the area. The other walkers had left and I had the place to myself. It was quiet and so pretty.

When I finished walking the labyrith I drove to 618 Coffee and got a cup of tea for the drive home. My mission to de-stress was accomplished!

If you are heading to Lewistown set aside some time to enjoy walking the pathways of their community labyrinth.

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