Driving With Dixie – Candid Comments

We’ve been posting most of Dixie’s comments but every now and then one doesn’t make it. Her last email had some light hearted humor, just enough to let us know that things really are going well on this multi-generational vacation that has a lot of windshield time. Here’s Dixie’s closing thoughts at the end of yesterday’s email sent from Shelby, MT.

Here are some photos. We are TIRED, happy, clean and shiny. And, ready for the final leg of our adventure. It feels so good when the wireless works at the same time the camera works, and the van works, and guess what…the curling iron works also!

All is right with the world. Dixie

Instead of dubbing this trip Driving With Dixie maybe we should have called it On The Road With a Tech-Savvy Grandma!

You go girl!


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