Dinner at Heaven On Earth Ranch

Wonderful dinner aromas were wafting through the lodge at Heaven on Earth and I was getting hungry. In addition to our group of golfers there were five fishermen and one archery hunter and we were waiting for them to get back from their activities.

I must admit, the Smith River would look mighty tempting if you were an angler. And there was still daylight left so I can understand why these guys were late getting back.

To keep my mind off my hungry tummy I stayed busy shooting tons of photos of this unique place.

Deep Creek Outfitters, the name on this wood dining table, is the name of the outfitting/hunting side of the business at Heaven on Earth Ranch.

While we waited for the fishermen to come back we noshed on cheese and crackers. Then, when they arrived, we sat down to a delicious dinner of prime rib, mashed potatoes, salad and a vegetable.

Of course, dessert followed! I was so full from dinner. Gary carved the prime rib and portions were beyond generous. Well, when I found out that dessert was homemade bread pudding with a lemon sauce…yup, I decided I had better try it. Yum!

We were almost done with our dessert and the archery hunter and Gary’s son Vic arrived. We had taken over the dining room so they found a little table and wasted no time getting started on dinner.

Hunters might eat late at Heaven on Earth but they eat well!

Their plates were filled with prime rib and potatoes. I was sure there was leftover tossed salad and vegetables but they didn’t bother with anything but meat and potatoes.

And, they got a pretty good chuckle out of me taking their picture at this little table!

The archery hunter didn’t have any success to report regarding hunting but he did say it was a beautiful day in Montana’s great outdoors.

After dinner several folks gathered on one of the decks and then Gary turned on some spotlights pointed at the Smith River canyon walls. What a stunning view!

We ended our day with visions of this beautiful canyon area and thoughts of our 9 hole golf game scheduled for the next morning.


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