Dessert at the Onyx

We actually had dinner at the Onyx lounge and restaurant located in Lewistown’s Calvert Hotel…then dessert!

After a very yummy dinner, which certainly documented that I’m a member of the clean plate club, we then ordered dessert. We all decided we wanted to sample a couple of the desserts on the menu and that “couple” turned in to three. Then, the owner came over and said they had a NEW dessert that wasn’t even on the menu. You guessed it, we ordered that too. Still, it wasn’t a dessert for everyone at the table but almost!

This photo is the new dessert featured at the Onyx – three types of ice cream/sorbet to tempt us and a yummy and pretty presentation.

At first we all said it was too pretty to eat. That lasted about 30 seconds and the spoons came out!

A fun time at the Onyx in Lewistown!.

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