Day Two – Driving With Dixie

Hello, we are in Malta, MT now, 730 miles into our trip! We had a great day yesterday even though we were very frustrated with our technology stuff.

We saw Makoshika Dinosaur Museum in Glendive. The boys liked the way the displays were set up.

They are noticing that displays are made differently in different museums. Jake enjoyed the forest habitat and the t-rex fighting off the stegosaurus.



In Garfield County the stygie skull was awesome. The dinosaur displays were more rustic, fitting in well with the early homestead displays that they had.

The ankylosaur type dinosaur was the only replica on display in the world! Worth the trip, Debbie said!

On the drive to Fort Peck the land formations changed again. The grass was not the same color as near Glendive but still lush! The layers of sediment were very apparent in the badlands.

The Fort Peck Interpretive Center was very inviting! We watched a movie about, what else…DINOSAURS! Ayden loved the ocean display and Jake’s favorite part was the huge aquarium. The Peck’s Rex was in high form and a favorite with the group also.

We had a special tour of Ft Peck Paleontology field station after hours.Melody gave us a very upclose personal informative talk about molding and casting with all the hard work that preceeds it and that follows it. Brentton was really taken with the Cave Bear. It was wonderful!

The boys and I went to the play Wizard of Oz at the Fort Peck Theater. It was awesome! I know I am using a lot of exclamation points but I am telling it like it is! Signing off for now…Dixie and crew.


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