Couple More Grizzly Day Photos

Obviously, Dupuyer’s Grizzly Day captivated me…and my camera!

They say everyone loves a parade and Saturday’s in Dupuyer was no exception. Somehow, I think the people in the parade had as much (or more) fun than the people watching!

One of the Shriner’s wives said “Oh, we always bring the little cars over to Dupuyer from Shelby for this parade”.

And, those little orange cars really zipped around. I knelt down to get a closer photo and I had to tell myself to be brave, that they wouldn’t run over me!

Another photo I really liked was the Inn Dupuyer stagecoach.

I showed a close-up of the stagecoach in another blog but it’s neat to see it with the beautiful Belgian horses.

 I might add, the height of the driver’s seat on the stagecoach is really up there. You’d have to have a lot of confidence to be in that seat. But, what a view!

If you love a small town parade and party, Dupuyer was THE place to be last Saturday.

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