Chouteau County Celebrates

The first weekend in December finds many vehicles heading to Russell Country’s Chouteau County for a wonderful county-wide celebration.

Here’s a history lesson – there is a town named Choteau (spelled with one “u”) but it’s in Montana’s Teton County, not Chouteau County.

Back to the Chouteau County Country Christmas. Take your pick of our small, charming communities or try to visit them all. On this weekend you could have found good times in Big Sandy, Carter, Fort Benton, Geraldine, Highwood, Loma and Virgelle. Whew!

Craft sales, bake sales, antique sales, parades, Christmas tree lighting – the weekend offered something for everyone.

This photo shows the outside of the bank building located in Virgelle decorated for the big weekend.

For the first time in several years we had easy traveling on ice-free roads for this big weekend. That alone was the incentive for many to head out and experience this event.

Shoppers, browsers, adventurers, history lovers – the weekend saw a few in each category. It’s always a great weekend to gather some friends and then make new friends as you visit Russell Country’s rural towns.

One more photo – this one would make my holiday decorations look rather wimpy!

This was taken inside the bank building in Virgelle – what a pretty and festive sight!

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