Checking Out Lewistown

Our day in Lewistown”, Montana started with an early lunch, interrupted only with a quick break to step outside and view a parade down Main Street. Lewistown is known as the City of Stone because of all the Croatian stone masons who settled here. Everywhere you look, both residential and commercial, you will see amazing architecture.

The Central Montana Museum, located adjacent to the Lewistown Chamber of Commerce, gave us some tidbits about the area’s early history. We ventured up Main Street from the museum, past the county courthouse to the Lewistown Art Center.

Each summer a descendant of an original settler returns to the community and does the most incredible sand sculpture I have ever seen. The sculpture sits at the entrance to the Lewistown Art Center. Inside is a wonderful gift shop featuring Montana artists and changing exhibits.

A drive south of town took us to Big Spring State Park, home to a fish hatchery and of course, Big Spring. We wandered the paths and enjoyed the warm weather, also more beautiful stone work. On the way to Big Spring we passed by the Brewery Flats area where nonmotorized trails wind their way through lush grass and birdwatchers thrive.

Lewistown has about 7,000 people and is home to the Charlie Russell Chew Choo dinner train. Farms and ranches surround the town and several mountain ranges can be seen in different directions. Lewistown is also the geographic center of Montana and claims several historic districts. Spend some time in Lewistown and experience the warm heart of the city of stone!

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