Can We Talk About Pie?

Central Montana is working on developing a Pie Trail throughout the region. Yesterday was my first day of sampling – a very fun requirement!

I was driving on MT Highway 200 near Winnett and stopped in to the Kozy Korner cafe.

I sat below the sign that said they were voted best pie in the state of Montana by The Tin Cup Sportsmen from Green Bay, Wisconsin. That’s enough to get anyone excited for a piece of pie!

Although, much to my dismay, a long Memorial Day weekend of fishermen, boaters and campers in the area had depleted all of the homemade pie at Winnett’s Kozy Korner cafe. Oh no!
The friendly (and busy) waitress/cook promised that the owner would be back in a day or two and more wonderful pies would fill those empty shelves.
The Kozy Korner has had some good publicity for their breakfasts in Gourmet magazine and that testimony was also proudly framed and hanging on the wall in the restaurant.
My next stop was the Little Montana Truck Stop in Grass Range near the junction of MT Highway 200 and Highway 19.
My first question to the waitress was “do you have any pie today”?

She didn’t say yes or no but she replied with “peach, blueberry and cherry”.

I was hooked with the word “peach” and then asked if I could take photos of all three. She cheerfully obliged and took three pies out of the cooler. A fourth pie was another cherry but I just needed to see the variety.

Now, let the tasting begin!

First of all I’d like to report that I ate probably the largest piece of peach pie I have ever eaten. If I would have had a ruler I would have measured the depth of all of those yummy peaches. The pie was not overly sweet, just good peach taste and the crust was perfect with an egg wash and a light sprinkling of coarse sugar.

I’m looking forward to developing Central Montana’s Pie Trail.

Needless to say, this job is fun.

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