Amish Grocery Store is Amazing

If you’re familiar with central Montana you probably know where Eddie’s Corner is (junction of US Hwys 191 and 87). Just west of the junction on the south side of Hwy 87 is Big Sky Grocery. It’s a new building sitting by itself – can’t miss it!

This unique grocery store is operated by two Amish families. As you drive along US 87 you can even see a sign about watching for a horsedrawn buggy in the area.

This was my first visit to Big Sky Grocery so I took some time, actually quite a bit of time, and shopped.

The first thing I noticfed is that they had a nice supply of bulk foods – dried fruit, a good variety of dried spices and also grains. Many of the products were labeled with the Amish name and the logo had a horsedrawn buggy. And, there were grocery products I had never seen before. I was fascinated.

In the back of the store you can buy brewed coffee and hand dipped ice cream. I passed on the ice cream but I did savor a cup o’ joe.

There is also a deli counter offering sliced meats and cheese.

I chatted with a young man reviewing inventory sheets back by the ice cream counter and he told me I could take all of the photos I wanted to. I went up and down each aisle with my camera clicking away!

There were two guys working in the store and I think they may be brothers. As soon as I stepped inside the store I was greeted and welcomed to Big Sky Grocery – what a pleasant way to start a shopping trip!

I took photos of several products on the shelf. It was a toss up between two favorites as far as their uniqueness – Dandelion Jelly and a Sweet Caramel Glaze for popcorn.

My purchases for the day – two containers of dried fruit, some hand packaged tomato-basil dried pasta, a fresh cucumber and a cup of coffee to go.

It might seem like Big Sky Grocery is located out of the way but there is a considerable amount of traffic on US Hwy 87. I’ll admit – I’ve driven by the grocery store several times and just hadn’t taken the time to stop.

I’m glad I finally decided to check out the store.

What a fun stop! I’ll be back.

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