A Tall Order for Tall Boys Catering

I can just hear the lunch order – one juicy burger and a side of hay for my horse! I wonder if Tall Boys Catering can deliver on that.

The scene was the Montana Cutting Horse Association’s annual Snowy Mountain Summer Spectacular Show held June 30 – July 1.

The cutting horse show is named for the area’s two Snowy Mountain ranges – Big Snowies and Little Snowies – south of Lewistown. The drive through the Snowies is a photographer’s dream. It always seems a bit more lush on this drive with more moisture and less breeze.

This three day event attracted cutting horses and their riders from all over Montana and neighboring states – a great boost to Lewistown’s economy and fun for spectators too.

Watch Central Montana’s calendar of events for plenty of local and unique events. And give those Tall Boys a little help dishing up the hay!

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