25th Parade Of Lights In Chinook

This past Friday marked the 25th Annual Parade of Lights in Chinook, Montana.

I can still remember the first Parade of Lights I attended in Chinook. Both of my parents were in the live nativity scene and the unique floats totally mesmerized me.

When you think about it, most farmers and ranchers in or near the rural community of Chinook have portable generators. And, also flatbed trailers for hauling hay. Those two things are the basis for many floats!

The goal of Chinook’s 25th Parade of Lights was to have 25 entries. They didn’t reach that but still had a very respectable 17 entries. Pretty amazing for a community the size of Chinook.

First place parade winner was brightly lit oil derrick sponsored by Faith Drilling and titled Peace to You Abundantly. The Chinook area has seen a fair amount of oil and gas exploration in recent years.

I’d like to name this float Family Smiles! What a great way to capture the charm of a small community’s Christmas celebration. You can see the snowy streets and also the how everyone is bundled in warm clothing. What a nice winter scene!

In the photo below you can get a full view the entry, complete with sleigh and reindeer.




Thanks to Heather DePriest and Alan Sorensen for sharing their photos.

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