Porphyry Peak Lookout

Porphyry Peak Lookout Tower was built in 1960 and offers spectacular views of the Lewis and Clark National Forest. It is manned from June until September when the fire danger is high and the forest is being used by fishermen, cattlemen, campers and loggers. At the foot of the stairs a sign tells the main purpose of the tower the discovery of forest fires. But there are other reasons for our being here, one of which is acquainting people with their national forests.Within the area you can see from this lookout, there are five public campgrounds. During the summer months, these campgrounds provide pleasant spots for people to enjoy the great outdoors. The forest is a home for wildlife. This wildlife population is enjoyed by all forest users. It is important that this wildlife home is not destroyed. Just over the crest of the mountain to the east is a winter sports area where four to six feet of snow accumulate to attract skiers for three to five months each year.

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White Sulphur Springs - 6 miles away
White Sulphur Springs - 6 miles away
White Sulphur Springs - 6 miles away
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White Sulphur Springs - 7 miles away
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