Harvest Moon Brewing Company

In 1996, an idea was born to start a brewery in west-central Montana with a name that reflected the regions rich agricultural tradition. Thus, Harvest Moon Brewing set up operations in Belt, a rural community located 20 miles southeast of Great Falls. Why Belt? This small town is centrally located with respect to Montanas major metropolitan areas, and it offers the charm and potential that come only with small towns. More importantly, Belts water supply comes from the Madison aquifer, also the source for world-class springs in Great Falls and Lewistown. Because of this waters purity, the municipal supply system in Belt is not chlorinated or treated as most other city water supply systems. Pumped directly from the aquifer, the water is available to use straight from the tap without treatment or filtering.

Harvest Moons first batches were available in late 1997. Soon after, the brewery developed a reputation for a well-balanced, full-bodied beer that only quality ingredients in perfect amounts could produce. The barley is grown and malted just a few miles from the brewery, while the malted wheat (for the Beltian White Ale) and hops come from the Northwest.

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    • Address:
    • 7 5th St S
    • Belt, MT 59412
    • Mailing Address:
    • PO Box 510
    • Belt, MT 59412
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