Dupuyer Montana

Elevation: 4,118 Population: 100 County: Pondera

Enroute from Great Falls to Browning, be sure to stop in Dupuyer. On the verge of the Rocky Mountain front, the scenery around Dupuyer enchants visitors and residents alike. Back roads around Dupuyer lead west toward the Great Bear and Bob Marshall Wilderness area which combine with the Scapegoat Wilderness to form the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. Over one million acres of pristine wilderness are found in this gem that provides home for deer, elk, grizzly, black bears and mountain sheep. Dupuyer is the perfect base camp for anyone wanting to hike, backpack, fish, hunt, horseback or cross country ski into the Bob Marshall area. Also west of Dupuyer lies Swift Reservoir and Dam and Boone & Crockett's Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch. Although small, Dupuyer serves as a perfect place to explore the stunningly scenic Rocky Mountain Front.

Events in Dupuyer
Ivan Doig Day
Dupuyer, MT
Jun 27
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