White Sulphur Springs Ranger Station

When I was in White Sulphur Springs the other day I stopped by the district ranger office which is conveniently located right in town.

The Lewis & Clark National Forest is huge and there are several ranger stations throughout the forest. Besides having maps and regulations they have people out in the forest periodically so they typically have up to date trail conditions.

Archery season had just closed and general rifle big game season (primarily deer hunting and elk hunting in this area) opened this past weekend so there has been plenty of activity in the forest.

When I drove up to the ranger station there were two guys outside near a fairly new kiosk. The kiosk has information about the Kings Hill Scenic Byway, recreation opportunities in the Little Belt Mountains and a map showing the area around White Sulphur Springs.

White Sulphur is just past the southern end of the Kings Hill Scenic Byway so one panel told about things you would see if you headed north.

The two guys pointing out things to me on the kiosk signs explained that they were working to establish native trees surrounding the interpretive information. They told me the types of trees and I know they were conifers and I think they were lodgepole pine, douglas fir and one other kind.

When you are traveling south on US Hwy 89 you drop in elevation when you travel from Kings Hill Pass (elevation 7,393 feet) to White Sulphur Springs (elevation 5,049 feet).

If you are looking for a great drive, take the Kings Hill Scenic Byway, get current information from the ranger station in White Sulphur and head out and explore!

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