White Sulphur Springs Puts On A Show

I recruited my kids and grandkids for a weekend in White Sulphur Springs over Labor Day this year.

They were excited to go but those who had never been there asked what would we do. Well…cue my list of activities and recreation!

First of all, the drive over the Kings Hill Scenic Byway on US Hwy 89 is always a pleasure. The Lewis & Clark National Forest straddles the highway and there are several scenic pullouts. The leaves on deciduous trees were just starting to turn, there are numerous places to hike along the way, and Newlan Creek Reservoir close to White Sulphur usually has some darn good fishing.

Once everyone got to White Sulphur Springs I suggested a soak in the hot springs which are located at the Spa Hot Springs Motel. The pools at the Spa were renovated a couple of years ago and I really enjoy them – now, that could be something to do my with aging muscles! There are three pools varying from 96 degrees to 101 degrees and finally 106 degrees. The water actually has to be cooled down when it comes out of the hot springs. My favorite tidbit about the pools is that the water is drained every day, 365 days a year. No chemicals are used.

Another suggestion was Arrowhead Meadows Golf Course on the edge of town. It’s reasonable and a fairly easy course with great views of the surrounding mountain ranges.

I told my kids about the rodeo scheduled for Sunday and Monday (not very interested in that I heard) and also a parade. They thought the parade would be fun and I told them that is what we could do Sunday morning after breakfast.

Now…for food. Bar 47 is a favorite for either lunch or dinner. White Sulphur Springs also has a new bakery named The Haymaker although I wasn’t sure if they did sandwiches or just baked goods. That was a good reason to check it out! The Branding Iron and Truck Stop Cafe also do great breakfasts. Oh jeez, we’d have to stay longer just to take in all of my suggestions!

Then, there is the new (as of February) brewery called 2 Basset. I’m no beer expert but I did sample one of their brews last winter before their grand opening.

Now, the rest of the story. We did a LOT.

Newlan Creek Reservoir was beautiful. The water has begun to recede but for Labor Day the water had held up great. It was good to see so many campers and fishemen using the reservoir. The area is so big it didn’t even look crowded.

We soaked in the hot springs several times. My favorite time is when the temperatures are cooler so evening and early morning soaks are top on my list. I was curious to see what my grandkids thought of the hot springs. They noticed the sulphur odor at first but then they got in the water and loved how warm it was (the 96 degree pool). Even a one year old enjoyed soaking in a swim ring toy.

When I woke up Sunday morning I cringed. Everyone was pretty excited for the parade and is was raining – actually t was pouring rain. I wondered if White Sulphur Springs would do the parade but then I decided it would probably happen. And, happen it did! Everyone in the parade was getting rained on but they were having such a great time. I think the rain just showed how proud and tough this small town is! I took lots of photos during the parade and absolutely loved it.

Some times we overlook our small rural towns and I’m thankful I spent the past weekend in White Sulphur Springs. We visited with restaurant staff, met people soaking in the pool, talked with folks at the brewery and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!





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