Visit to The Quilting Hen

For those who don’t know, The Quilting Hen is an incredibly unique quilt shop located one mile north of Carter, MT. The location is…well…in the middle of a grain farm, and very easy to find.

When I stopped in the other day there were several customers and the staff was scurrying. Once they took care of business we sat and talked about what makes this quilting shop unique. Certainly, the location, a mile off the highway. One lady said it was the fabric, one said it was the crazy girls who work there and that caused a whole lot of laughter throughout the shop!

We started bantering around different adjectives and even got the dictionary out. More laughter, a few more comments about the crazy girls who work there, and we had quite a list of fun words to describe the Quilting Hen.


As I was leaving the shop I decided to grab my camera and go back in a take a picture of the Quilting Hen staff.

When I look at the photo now I wonder if quilting causes people to be happy, have less stress, or just be friendly. Or, all of these! Maybe I should consider taking up this hobby.

What a fun crew at the Quilting Hen.

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