Van Oil – Wonderful Service

Let’s set the stage – I was driving a rental vehicle and had been over some rough roads. As I approached White Sulphur Springs a message appeared on my dashboard telling me one of the vehicle’s tires was low. Groan – I don’t like dealing with tires and I had passengers and other things to do.

We checked in to the All Seasons Inn and Suites, had dinner and I decided I would deal with the issue in the morning. Of course, I was hoping to turn on the ignition and have that message magically go away. We needed to be in Harlowton early the next day so I had to deal with the low tire first thing – and, it didn’t disappear overnight.

A White Sulphur Springs local referred me to Van Oil – right on the main street of town. I drove the few blocks to Van Oil wondering if they would be open before 7am.

Not only were they open, the guy who came out was cheery, he was helpful, he filled my tire and insisted he should check all of my tires. I tried to pay him – Nope, he said, that’s just a service they do. After all, they are a service station.

WOW, Van Oil in White Sulphur Springs epitomizes the meaning of the word “service”.

If I ever have another low tire, I hope it is in White Sulphur Springs!

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