Traditional Indian Games

This past weekend First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park near Ulm hosted traditional Indian games at the park.

These kids are playing Double Ball and I think you could best compare it to lacrosse. The double ball is just that…two pouches or two sticks or bundles latched together. There is a loop or cord and those sticks waving in the air are trying to catch that cord.

An umpire throws the ball in the air and players try to pass the double ball from one to the other without touching the ground. There are two teams facing each other…sounds a bit dangerous with sticks waving in the air!

Another game at the park this weekend was called Run and Scream – no need to explain that game.

Shinny was also played and I think it could best be compared to present day field hockey. The Shinny game is informal and you use a curved stick resembling a hockey stick to try and get the game piece through the other team and in to their goal.

First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park has hosted traditional Indian games in the past. They are part competition, part teaching to those who may not have learned the games previously.

It’s fun to watch the traditional Indian games being played and I always marvel at how people¬†created their own entertainment using materials they had on hand.

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