The Last Dancer

I just can’t resist showing one more dancer from the Two Medicine Dancers who performed at the Lewis & Clark Festival in Great Falls, MT.

A grass dancer doesn’t wear a bustle like the chicken dancer, just plenty of fringe to give the feeling of moving grass. There is lots of motion when he dances, even with his headdress.

It’s hard to see, but the headdress he is holding in his left hand has deer and porcupine hair.¬†Some are secured with fishing spinners so they almost rock back and forth when he dances creating lots of motion. There is also a mirror in the center front of the beadwork on the headdress.

His moccasins, front streamers and side drops are also beaded.

I asked him to pose by the drum after the performance – the red and yellow colors all seemed to blend beautifully.

Everyone I spoke with after the performance commented on how much they had learned about Native American dancing and culture. I had to agree. It was a wonderful opportunity.

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