The Art of Wearing A Hat

A few days ago I said I wouldn’t wear a cowboy hat. OK, can I take that back?

I happened to walk by Triple J’s gift shop and noticed some very tempting things. Tee shirts are always useful, the jewelry was unique and then, well, there were cowboy hats.

Nobody was around so I decided I would just try one on. I looked in the mirror and thought about how much it would add to the flavor of this trip. But then, I just don’t wear hats so I put it back and walked down to my cabin. Fortunately, it wasn’t a real long walk so I went back, cash in hand and now I am the proud owner of a straw cowboy hat. I can’t say how much I’ll wear it but it will get used.

It’s a little breezy, not enough for anybody else to worry about losing their hat but I’m new at this game. I ask for leather stadium strings so I can tie the hat under my chin. My confidence is building and I’m looking like I fit right in at Triple J!



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