Tall Boys Tavern Hosts Farm to Fabulous

Entrance to Tall Boys Tavern in Hobson, Montana

I’ve eaten at Tall Boys Tavern in Hobson several times (my fave…fish tacos if you are there on Friday) but the invitation to attend an “art unveiling” was intriguing. Titled “Farm to Fabulous” the event was touted as a chance to see employees of the tavern and restaurant in a different light.

Since I know a couple of the folks who work there I was eager to point my wheels east and do a road trip. A friend and I left Great Falls about 4:30 and drove to Windham, then turned towards Utica. I needed to undo a haybale entry done for the area’s annual Montana Bale Trail.

It took me about 10 minutes to pull the landscape staples and vinyl tablecloths off the bales and then we were off towards Hobson.

Employee portraits in vintage style

I was anticipating a dozen or so people at Tall Boys but when we drove in to Hobson I realized I wasn’t the only one eager to be there. I’ve never seen that many cars there, well, maybe during the Montana Bale Trail but this was different.

I saw the portraits immediately.

The walls of the restaurant and tavern had been decorated with portraits of the employees in 1940s era clothing, some prepping food, others tipping a cocktail or just enjoying life.

The talk of the evening was about the portraits, especially since everyone seemed to know the models. Wine flowed, we noshed

Happy staff at Tall Boys Tavern

cheese, crackers and meats from beautifully prepped charcuterie boards and enjoyed good conversation.

Loni Carr, daughter of the owner, has done food styling and photography and it sounds like the event began with some bantering about of ideas. Twelve employees were dressed in clothing provided by a stylist, makeup and hairstyling were done and the rest is history. A cookbook (which I’m sure will have stunning food photos) is a dream but for now these portraits are an art installation worth the drive.

Tall Boys Tavern serves lunch and dinner, they have a full liquor

More portraits on the walls at Tall Boys Tavern

license and the owners also do catering.

One more comment – the owner’s sons are tall, hence the name!

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