Swans and Ducks back in Gibson Park Pond

Today was the day domestic waterfowl were released into Gibson Park Pond in Great Falls.

It’s a big deal – and I get just as excited as some of the little kids!

Each fall the domestic waterfowl are rounded up by Great Falls Park & Recreation employees and taken to indoor quarters dubbed the Honker Hilton. Pretty nice digs for waterfowl!

The swans and ducks have their wings clipped so they don’t migrate or fly long distances.

They are year round residents of Great Falls – outdoors at Gibson Park in the summer and indoors in a warm and cozy building during our cold winters.

I’m always pleased that Great Falls Park and Recreation staff schedule the roundups and releases when school is out. Probably the most excitement comes from the kids although you can see big smiles on adults too.

Gibson Park is located just off the downtown area of Great Falls. It was named after Paris Gibson, founder of Great Falls.

Gibson Park features a variety of playground equipment for different ages, a paved walking trail, stunning flower displays in summer, beautiful stained glass and an art installation made from recycled materials.

A cabin built by an early day resident named Vinegar Jones has been relocated to Gibson Park. The cabin is the oldest residence still standing in Great Falls.

During summer months the park is also a great location for weddings.

Back to the waterfowl.

All of the swans are new to the group this year. Gibson Park Pond now has a pair of black swans and a pair of mute swans. I had never seen black swans so this was a treat for me. All of the swans are yearlings so we hope they are with us for many years to come.

Looking for a relaxing location – head to Gibson Park and enjoy the surroundings!

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