Second 9 Holes at Judith Shadows

It’s time for round two at Judith Shadows Golf Course in Lewistown. This time we played the back 9 holes, the day before we played the front 9.

Oh, wait a minute. It appears we are playing OFF the golf course! We really learned the “OB” term during this 9 holes.

Our morning round of golf at Judith Shadows started out chilly with typical September morning temps. We didn’t take many warm-up swings so that could be why we seemed to spend a fair amount of time looking for those lost golf balls.

This photo shows one of my golf buddies holding up his trophy – one out of bounds golf ball found in some pretty tall grass.

This is a nice photo though and you can see the Judith Mountain range in the background.

We golfed a few more holes on the back nine and our local golfer Connie Fry had a swing that ended up NOT where she wanted it to go.

Fortunately, she had a ball retriever. Unfortunately, her ball must have been sunk or still swimming because she couldn’t find it.

I’d be willing to bet there were quite a few lost golf balls in this water hazard.

As our final 9 holes at Judith Shadows Golf Course progressed the sun came out and we loosened up a bit. Connie was enjoying some coaching from my golf buddies and we seemed to have the course to ourselves.

I’m amazed that Lewistown has two golf courses – Judith Shadows (18 hole) and Pine Meadows (9 hole). Both of them are vastly different in their settings and both are easily reached from downtown Lewistown in just a few minutes.

Lewistown has a nice variety of nearby recreation amenities – fishing, hiking, hunting, birdwatching – all within a few minutes of town. And, let’s add golfing to that list of recreation!

Before we left Judith Shadows, this putter extraordinaire stepped on the green and carefully tapped that dimpled white ball. Darn! I was too careful, too tentative, whatever. It didn’t go where it was supposed to go.

Hey, at least my putt didn’t send the golf ball out of bounds.

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