Polite Rider and Polite Horses

As I drove to the post office in downtown Great Falls today I couldn’t believe my eyes!

A horseback rider was riding east on 1st Avenue North, then he turned over to 2nd Avenue North and rode across the Cascade County Courthouse lawn.

I would like to point out that the rider and his two horses in tow observed all traffic signs and stop lights!

What a sight to see! If this was during your Montana vacation you’d be surprised and even as a local I was.

When the horses and rider stopped on the courthouse lawn I took a few minutes and visited with them.

Doc Mishler began his journey in Choteau, about 52 miles northwest of Great Falls and I’m sure he said that was in 2002. He has ridden to Washington DC by way of California and plans to ride back in to Choteau Saturday, June 16. That’s a round-about route.

The reason for Doc’s ride is religious and he seemed content with his surroundings. He said he has had quite a few medical problems and this is his way of showing the world that not only┬ácan he overcome those problems, he has done well and continued his travels on behalf of his faith.

This photo shows him on 1st Avenue North and the above photo was taken on the courthouse lawn.

My side note, the strawberry roan was a real sweetie!

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