Our Final Golf Outing

Whew – this golf trek has been long, exhausting, and a bunch of fun!

Our final 9 hole game was played at Signal Point Golf Course overlooking the town of Fort Benton and the Missouri River.

Local golfer Bruce Bramlette joined us for our final outing and here’s a photo of him teeing off.

Signal Point has elevated greens (notice that I am learning the lingo). You can see the elevation pretty good in this photo and that does present a challenge. Don’t ask me why!

Fort Benton’s golf course was built in 1969. We golfed it twice on this trip with different golfers. Two of my golf buddies each had the same comment – they should develop a signature hole farther out on the edge of the bluff to overlook the river better. I suppose that’s easier said than done but it is a great idea.

The wind had really picked up and Signal Point is located on a bluff – perfect for catching the wind. Maybe I was tired (for sure I was tired!) but the wind was getting to me. Bruce had an enclosed golf cart and it felt good to get out of the wind every now and then.

Even though it was windy the sun was just right to produce some awesome lighting for photos. I think all the wind was moving clouds around and that makes interesting background for photos too.

The guys are fairly near the edge of the bluff here and you can see the Highwood Mountains in the background, also the river breaks.

We literally had the course to ourselves at Signal Point. Since the wind was getting to me I decided nobody wanted to deal with the combination of a golf ball and steady wind. Except our group!

It really wasn’t that bad. We had great conversation and Bruce told us about the course and some of the history of the area.

One amazing thing – Fort Benton really has a fort. It is reconstructed in the origial location and it seems like each year they add more interesting items and structures. Guided tours are given in the summer.

Here’s another photo showing that stunning background.

Now that our golf journey through north central Montana is coming to a close, I’ve learned that golfing is more than just hitting the ball. There is definitely etiquette and protocol involved in the game. You can also collect quite an assortment of clubs. Each course has its own personality and I even enjoyed just viewing the scenery surrounding all of the courses.

I’m not ready to sign up for golf lessons yet but you never know – you might want to be on the lookout for my perfect putts.


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