Our Adventures at Eagle Falls Golf Course

Great Falls, MT has two 18 hole municipal golf courses – Anaconda Hills on one side of the Missouri River and Eagle Falls on the other side. We played Anaconda Hills a few days ago and we are back in Great Falls ready to try out another course.

Here’s your history lesson for the day. River Drive follows along the north edge of Eagle Falls Golf Course and just below that is the Missouri River and Black Eagle Falls, one of a series of waterfalls in the area. Across the river is the community of Black Eagle. Meriwether Lewis noted in his journals of the Lewis & Clark expedition that he saw a large black eagle in a tree on an island in the river.

Eagle Falls Golf Course was recently renamed to better reflect it’s location and surrounding landmarks.

Local golfer Ryan Fritz is golfing with us today at Eagle Falls. It’s difficult to describe his golf swing. At times it literally seems effortless but man, does that golf ball fly.

We have perfect conditions today. It’s about 85 degrees with very little wind. The recent upgrades at Eagle Falls added some water hazards and fountains. There are some stately old trees too and I’ve learned that they can pose a challenge or two. The course looks to be in tip-tip shape. Yes, I’m a novice putter but I do think everything looks great!

If there is a downside to today’s golfing, it’s that we teed off a bit before 2pm and the early afternoon light is completely flat. Not the best for taking photos.

My golf buddies are all older than Ryan and they are all pretty envious of his power. Ryan is a laid back kind of guy and I think he’s enjoying hearing about our last few days of golf.

This is the seventh course we have golfed in the last 3 1/2 days for a total of 90 holes.

I’m feeling fairly confident about my putting now and I’m eager to show Ryan how well I can do. I have my favorite red polo shirt on which I think will look great in a photo when I sink that putt.

Darn! It really should have been a very easy putt. I truly cannot believe that this one didn’t just drop in to the cup and out of sight. The camera only recorded my dismayed look as I realized that little white golf ball wasn’t going where I wanted it to.

Well, bummer for me. There’s always next time.

Here’s a putt that DID go in the cup!

Our 18 hole game at Eagle Falls Golf Course in Great Falls turned out to be a wonderful afternoon, even though the relief putter had some issues with her game.


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