New Coffee Shop In Conrad

I happened to be in Conrad, MT last Saturday and found out the day before that a new coffee shop had opened on Main Street.

Plans began formulating in my mind about how I should time my visit.

Did I want to get my first cup o’ joe there or an early afternoon cup of tea? A homemade pastry for breakfast or a yummy brownie for an afternoon treat? Decisions! Decisions!

Since I had another commitment later in the morning I opted for an earlier visit.

Back up a minute – the name of the place is Folklore and that was carefully chosen by owners Andy and Anna based on their experience living on an island off the east coast of Africa. And, that’s where the love of good coffee found a place in their lives.

Andy attended the American Barista and Coffee School and their dream of a coffee shop inched closer to reality.

The coffee shop is spacious, has super tall ceilings, wooden tables and chairs and also a sofa for those who want to get comfy and settle in with a cup. The decor invites you enjoy your beverage and food, and also enjoy the company of friends.

They roast and grind their own coffee beans onsite in the bright red roaster shown above.

So – what did I have at Folklore?

Well, I had already had my limit of coffee for the day so I opted to try one of their pastries. My choice was a raspberry scone with a lemon glaze. I can still taste the fruity flavor of the scone, and the lemon glaze was delish!

Other tempting items included homemade yogurt, granola, bread, cinnamon rolls, a variety of scones, and brownies that were also calling my name.

I resisted a brownie to go but next time that will be on my plate!

Not a coffee drinker? Try the looseleaf teas or a smoothie made with 100% fruit or veggies.

Everything at Folklore is homemade!

Folklore is easy to find in Conrad. There is one stop light in town and they are located just before the light if you are coming from the east.

Stop in when you are in town and enjoy the ambience, beverages and yummy pastries.

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